Wednesday, January 4, 2012

After exotic Animals are gone, Go Domestic!

I love cats, they are fun to play with and they keep the mice and rat population down. Our cat chie, does just that. She moves around hunting like a lion deep in our garden at times. But she mainly stays in the house or in our bathroom storage area. She was bought for $1 from a villager when she was just a little thing. Now she is all grown up and a little bulgy. Am I over feeding her or is she pregnant? Hmmm. I felt her underside but didn't feal a thing. I guess I'll wait.
  Today I heard a lot of noises coming from the back of the orphanage. A mixture of dogs barking and young teens. So I quickly rushed over to the edge of our fence line and yelled out to the people what was happening. They then replied that they were hunting, but now have meat to eat. Hmmmm.  Meat hmm. What kind of meat? I told them to bring it to me. Four teens and three dogs came out of the brush holding a black and white animal. I didn't have my glasses on so it looked like a large rabbit as I keep them in this area and in the past, a few escaped which I never recovered. But as they neared, I saw that it was a black and white cat! A large one at that. They had speared it through its neck and blood was gushing everywhere. As they showed me the cat, he was still quivering. Maybe it was the nerves. But I felt sad and ashamed that man has come down to this. They have killed so many of the natural exotic animals in this area, that all is left is a few domestic animals. I got a sick feeling in my stomach. I had to turn away. They mentioned that they caught another cat a few days ago in the same place and it tasted good. I said that they should be careful what they eat as they could carry diseases like rabies etc. But they didn't care. It was for free!      


  1. So sad.... I LOVE cats. Seems strange that they would eat them... but I guess they have to eat something.

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