Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Today we got in 3 young predator birds. I think they might be Hawks but might be Eagles. Difficult to tell as they are still young and the Mother is not around.
  A few kids showed up at the orphanage with these birds and was looking for a market. I gave them a long lecture about not killing animals etc. and then took the birds to raise. The boys said they threw rocks at the Mother untill she didn't return to the nest, then they found these babies and decided to sell them.
  This is a very typical situation where children are not taught about nature in school and respecting life. When they see any wild life, the first reaction is to kill it, as it is an opportunity for them to benefit from. ....SAD!     
  I am now attempting to feed them three times a day through a modified syringe. A combination mixture of blended fish, goat meat and fluid. I will continue on this diet until I get more information on nutrition.
Check out the talons on this bird.