Monday, September 19, 2011

More Snake stuff!

This is my snake enclosure that I have built to hold my Gaboon Adders in. It is 7 feet by 5 feet. Plus a roof height of 6 feet.
  I have a total of 5 Gaboons that are of full length. They have a watering bath and 2 caves.
  The entrance is located at the top. Which is opened and closed daily.
   This structure was inspired by another snake zoo, called Kalimba farms. I did change a few things like the entrance is on the top not on the side. It just seems much safer that way.
  When not showing others the snakes, I have placed a extra protection of chicken wire frame that will keep the snakes in if for any reason the glass is broken. This chicken wire frame can be removed easily when we have a visitor.
 The plan is to have 5 more of these structures to house other types of snakes.
  I also have been collecting different types of snakes that we find on the property or close by and preserve them in ethanol for further studies and education. I have a collection of 11 different species of snakes which are also identified.
  This is only for the smaller snakes, as large cobras, adders, or pythons will not fit in the jars I am using.
  Every few months I am finding new snakes to collect. This is very exciting and fun as a hobby.