Monday, October 24, 2011

Save the Ducks!

The other day a group of guys came to the gate selling 5 ducklings from the lagoon. I got them for a few dollars a piece and put them directly into quarantine after inspecting them.
  There was no marks of abuse, and they all looked in good condition.  
  I am not sure the species of duck they are, but I am sure when they get older I will be able to identify them.
  24th---So today I found 2 of them dead from an unknown reason. It is common for some of the ducks in a group to pass away because of weakness or trauma. 
   The 3 that are remaining are still vibrant and moving around.
The domestic ducks I have on the property right now number over 50, but those are Muscovy ducks which look very different from these, even young-lings.
  These have a dark stripe across it's eye which travels to the back and have very large web feet.
  If you can identify this bird please let me know! Hopefully, the 3 remaining will survive and fly back to the wild!