Thursday, November 10, 2011

Planting season

Planting season is now upon us! The rains are starting up and we need to get our fields tilled. So I got out our old faithful tractor dusted it off and went away at it. Our two fields are small, so it would only take a few hours. But ohhh, those few hours were tough. My arms, hands and body still are shaking today! HA!                                                                       The tractor I have is called a walking tractor as you can and often walk along behind it and control it by adjusting different levers.But I prefer a small seat that connects to the tiller. It saves me stepping around in the soil and makes the work more enjoyable. 

  There are some hazards to this though, one is that the revolving belts can brake at any time and whip you in the face, and two, when the tiller is connected, your foot can slip down to the exposed teeth where, well I don't have to be too graphic but you get the picture.


In the end, the best feeling a farmer has is to look at his freshly tilled fields and look on it with pride and satisfaction. To me this was a great ending to the day.
  I do have more soy beans seeds, so I will be looking for another plot where I can sow another hector.

  Oh, I forgot, The first field I planted sweet corn as this is nearly impossible to get here in Zambia.
  I will be planting it in a two week pattern, that way I will have fresh corn  on the cob every two weeks. mmmmmmmm!