Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm a Father!

This morning I inspected my snakes to find out that one of my Gaboon Adders gave birth to over 30 baby snakes!

  I did have some suspicions the other day as one of the Gaboons were acting a bit strange, moving around the cage and hanging next to the glass window.
  She did seem quite large, but I thought it was because of my over feeding.


I just love this photo, too bad they are poisonous.
There are so many of them that I will not be able to keep them. So I called around and one place in Lusaka said they could take about 5 for their snake farm. So the challenge will be to get them down to the farm within a week.
  Young Gaboon Adders feed on small rodents like small frogs, etc. The good news is that one of our small baby pools are full of tad-pools, soon to be frogs.