Monday, February 28, 2011

Hunt for the Great Savanah Python!

A few days ago one fisherman arrived at our door asking for the white man and that he wanted to talk with me, so I came out and asked what he wanted and he said that he had laid down his fishing net in the lagoon about 2 weeks ago. Then when he returned, he found a large python entangled in his net. He became very scared and paddled his way back to home. A few days later he returned and decided to cut away as much net he could to salvage the net to make another. Then he heard about the white man who handles snakes and decided to get me. So I went in my car with the old fisherman and drove about 30min in the bush until I came close to the path to the harbor. It was another 30 min on foot through the woods. Came across a fallen tree.

Then proceeded on foot. Then he took us to his boat. There were other boats there but his looked in ok shape, Of course it is full of water so the old man dished it out.
 Then I took 6 men with me for paddling. The ride went well but was very hot. Being on the water was such a calm and peaceful experience.

  We followed what we call a canal that the canoes and boats have carved out as they have been passing for hundreds of years. From long water grass to lily pads. It was all there.

We finally made it after an hour of crossing the lagoon. We were about a few kilometers from the Congo, and entered a wall of papyrus reeds on both sides. The canal became narrower by the min. until the fisherman showed us were the net was. This is what we found.

Nothing more than a ripped up net from the monster. We did get one fish though, He took it how and ate it. By examining the net thoroughly, The python had a very difficult time weaving himself out of it for 2 weeks. With great disappointment I started back. Sometimes you win others you dont.

The water by this time was calm and was flat as glass. Easy to paddle so it took less time to return to our car. But even with the let down, I did enjoy the hunt. I got out of the house. HA!