Attic Photos

Flying High

Grandfather learning to fly

The big old trees 

I love the old cars going through the tree

Grandfather in Alaska

Some odd jobs he did in the winter

Old Transport
The good old horse and Buggie...Great Grandmother

Fort Post 

 A fort thing, not sure what it is, but I think it is a border crossing post...Maybe Canada? HA!

Grandmother in 1943 school band

I love the uniform she is wearing and also the old cars.

Great Grandmother teaching at a school

This shows me the simple one room school buildings they had in the old wild west

Going to school to become a school teacher!

 There is something about this Library that I am attracted to, it has a haunting feeling...

This is my Grandmothers graduation Dinner for Teachers School


 This is my great grandmother Elizabeth Douglass. Around 1915? I like the new motorcycle that was introduced.

I assume a friend that was with her, or maybe these people were riding by and she wanted a picture with the new machine.