Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Policeman's Ball

This was a great day for Amy & I. One which we have been practicing for some time. We did a dance last year, & now we were ready to do it again, but this time, with some class.

They had around 200 people there. The room was full to the back. They had signed seats for everyone so we sat at our table in the middle.

This pic is from our Cam coder which was on a tripod. So at around midnight, they gave us the floor. We danced Ball room to a song called "No Air" by Chris brown. We started with the classic position.

Then we put some fancy twirls and twist.

Also, some stretches and pulls.

Then after the 3 min song, we ended in a bow and curtsy.

It was a good night to remember. People were cheering and giving us many compliments. It just made the night so special.