Thursday, December 16, 2010

Video Drama for the students

 Here I am creating a video film (Drama) for the local students who wanted to express their feelings about certain issues.

The students went to the extent of creating a village in the bush for the film. Around 50 people were involved. The film was done in the local language, Bemba. It was difficult for me to know what the story line was, even after they translated it to me.

The huts were a bit small to be realistic, but it did its part. You should have seen the make shift toilet...HA!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Goodbye to Kanono!

Kanono, a Vervet monkey that we rescued about one and a half years ago has fully recovered from his abuse and has been transferred to Munda Wanga, a place where he will be integrated into a monkey group and will be set free with the group into the wild.

On our way to Lusaka, we stopped in Ndola to visit some friends and Kanono had time with a good friend Petina who looked after the monkey for the night in her cage in her backyard. When I came to pick him up, he flew out of the cage and held onto me like he hadn't seen me for years.

When we got there to Munda Wanga, I had a long conversation with the director asking about the program for Kanono. I was happy with the results so we found a quarantine cage to put him in for the next few days before putting him with the group. I made sure the cage had soft hay in it.

We finally put Kanono in the cage and he moved around exploring the grass.

So here are the workers getting ready to transport the cage to the holding area. We should visit Kanono and his progress in January.