Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Goat House Project

Here are my simple plans for making a goat barn.
First we stacked and cemented 3 cinder blocks for the foundation. Then with the local wood called teak, we wired them secure. This was done because of the infestation of termites. Teak wood is so hard that termites leave it alone.
  Then we got pine 1 X 6 and planked the deck. Then with 2 X 4 made all the walls.

Here you can see me with the outside frame almost done. Note: the roof has not been done yet due to time restriction. But since we are in the rainy season, I had to temporarily put some off cuts and plastic up to prevent the rain from getting on the goats as they must be dry at all times.

You can see a canoe on the right which I use for a feeder.

I finally got some iron sheets and tacked them on the 2 X 4s. This was easy and fast. In the summer time we will stuff the sections between the 2 X 4s with straw.

The side wall was more of a challenge as it is on a slope and I had to cut the iron sheets with a grinder.

Here is a shot of the finished inside. I took a 55 gallon drum and cut it in half and welded some re-bars on the sides for a stand. This was made for a drinker.
  A short wall was constructed in the center to separate the two different types of goats we have.

We put straps with bells around the goats neck to let us know when and where they are at all times.
  These goats are dairy goats which can produce up to 5 liters of milk per day.
  They must be milked twice a day.